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About Us:

Pete Hofmann

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"Pete is a phenomenal shearer whose passion for what he does shows! He mentors his team and they have always done amazing work! Would recommend them everytime!"

                                                                                                       Laura K. -Colorado

I was raised in a large family of 10 kids on a small farm in Iowa. My father, Paul Hofmann is a nationally renowned shearer and has held American records for sheep shearing. Growing up, the rule in my parents' house was that at the age of 15 each of their children were to learn how to shear sheep. After each child had sheared a minimum of 1000 sheep they could quit shearing and never touch a sheep again.


My dad taught me how to shear sheep 16 years ago and I quickly fell in love with the job. Around the same time my dad also started to take me alpaca shearing all over the United States. He taught me how to shear alpacas, after I had sharpened my shearing skills on over 10,000 sheep.

The following year in 2008, I attended a small college in Wisconsin. Seeing the opportunites in the alpaca Industry, I started Top Knot Shearing at the age of 18. I have greatly enjoyed the years I have had shearing and meeting people all over the country. One of the highlights for me every year is working with the "Crew". We really do enjoy our job and it is a blessing every year to work with godly men who love the Lord and do our work as "unto the Lord". Our desire is that we can be a blessing to you and your animals as we serve you in this capacity. 


We recently moved to the Mission Valley North of Missoula, Montana. We dreamed of owning our own farm and moved to Montana in pursuit of this dream.  When I am not busy working I love spending time outdoors with my beautiful wife, Whitney, and our four kids, Judah, Aviana, Emmelyn, and Hannah. 





Angela Webb - Scheduling Coordinator 


Name: Angela Webb


City: Moiese, MT


How you got involved in alpaca shearing or TopKnot? Through using TopKnot for shearing my two llama ladies. I loved supporting TopKnot as a company because of how great the crew was with my shearing experience so when the job position opened up I saw it as an answered prayer and had to apply!


Favorite part of shearing? I love hearing from happy customers and seeing pictures of our shears in action and all the sweet alpacas and llamas they shear! 


How you spend your time outside of the season? Currently my life revolves around my toddler daughter and planning details of our house build. But in the summer you can find me outside in my garden or down by the river looking at rocks!


Favorite Hobbies? Gardening, cooking, painting, crafting and thrift shopping!


Favorite food? Corn on the cob (bonus points for home grown!) 


If money was never an issue the rest of your life how would you spend your time? With my family working in the garden of my dreams while my husband works cows! 


When do you feel the happiest or most fulfilled? I love doing fun activities with my family such as playing in the river or picking cherries or huckleberries, but my love language is cooking a nourishing meal for people I love and them enjoying it!

"Joshua and Crew were great to work with. Fun, easy going, very pleasant.  Can't wait till next year!!"

                                                                                                             Josie K. -Wisconsin



"Not only did this 3 man crew do an outstanding job shearing my 2 alpacas and 3 sheep, but they were very courteous and polite.  They are positive role models as American men."

                                                                                                             Joe and Dana S.-Kentucky


Adam Gano


We are excited to be working with Adam Gano again this year.  Adam has been working for TopKnot since 2019.

A little more about Adam:


City: Acworth, GA

How you got involved in alpaca shearing: I was catching up with a friend and he told me he was shearing and he got me connected with Pete. Two weeks later I was in Colorado shearing! 


Favorite part of shearing: Being able to meet so many people from so many places and backgrounds, as well as being able to brighten their day by doing our job. 


How you spend your time outside of the season:  I am currently a student at Kennesaw State University studying Civil Engineering. 


Favorite Hobbies: Mountain biking, hiking, watching/playing any sport, cooking. 


Favorite food: My favorite food is probably a really good steak. 


If money was never an issue the rest of your life how would you spend your time? 

I would first travel almost everywhere and try to mountain bike or do whatever adrenaline filled thing I could, and then I would have to find a simple job that makes peoples lives better and I would do that. 


When do you feel the happiest or most fulfilled?

I am most happiest when the people around me feel taken care of and loved, or there are no people at all and it is

Seth Edwards


This will be Seth's second year shearing for TopKnot.

City: Hickory, NC


How you got involved in alpaca shearing or TopKnot? I Met Adam, another shearer for TopKnot, and a week later I was in Montana learning how to shear!


Favorite part of shearing? I love meeting everybody all over the country and finding connections.


How you spend your time outside of the season? Outside of the season I help take care of the family farm, hunt, and find small jobs.


Favorite Hobbies? My favorite hobbies include all types of hunting 


Favorite food: I am a food enthusiast but if I had to choose one nothing can top a nice ribeye steak dinner.


If money was never an issue the rest of your life how would you spend your time? If money wasn’t an issue I’d find a cabin in Alaska and learn to live off the land.


When do you feel the happiest or most fulfilled? I feel the happiest when I am spending quality time with the people I love.

Preston Roe


This will be Preston's second year shearing for TopKnot.

City: Neosho, MO

How did you get involved in alpaca shearing? Word of mouth; heard about it through a church friend.

What is your favorite part of shearing? Doing the headman dance and talking to clients.

How do you spend your time outside of the season? Logging and serving tables.

What are your favorite hobbies? Spending time with my wife and son. Mountain biking, hunting, shooting, archery, weightlifting, learning about nutrition, reading virology studies, dog training, and homesteading.

What is your favorite food? Ribeye steak with butter and a liberal snowfall of salt.

 If money was never an issue the rest of your life, how would you spend your time?
Homeschool my kids full time, buy more farm animals, become more self-sufficient, and buy more guns.

When do you feel the happiest or most fulfilled? Spending time with my family, at church with fellow believers, and after I eat a lot of meat.

Elijah Yeager


Elijah has been running a successful shearing company in Michigan. After a conversation in January 2023 on running a successful business and how to care for customers. Pete approached him to see if he would like to work with TopKnot Shearing. He shares many of the same values and vision of TopKnot and we are excited for him to be a part of the TopKnot family. 

City: Fyffe, AL

How you got involved in alpaca shearing:

A friend from church had been an alpaca shearer for about 8 years, after just shearing his animals. He was trying to transition to running his fiber mill and needed to make sure the farms he was shearing for got taken care of. He was happy to train me and I was happy to start my own shearing service and start taking care of the farms for him!

Favorite part of shearing:

My favorite part about shearing is the people I get to be around, from the people I work with to the farmers. I'm always glad to see someone's face when shearing is finished and they're so pleased about how their pets are cared for.

How you spend your time outside of the season: (Job, school)

Outside of shearing season, I currently work as a barista, a rope access technician (working on the side of buildings and stadiums on ropes), and lead guided adventures climbing! I'm hoping to own a climbing gym back home in Michigan with my wife, Abigail, and am working toward becoming a Wilderness First Responder.

Favorite hobbies:

My favorite hobbies include reading/learning, rock climbing, spending time with my wife, and spending time outside.

Favorite food:

Favorite food has to be sushi, but there are quite a few foods close behind.

If money was never an issue for the rest of your life how would you spend your time?

I would definitely open up a climbing gym back in West Michigan, near family and would start a guided trip service for high end outdoor adventures (climbing, rappelling, backpacking, paragliding and whatnot). Even if money was never an issue, work provides routine, and routine provides sanity. And what better way to work than to bring people enjoyment doing exhilarating things amidst God's creation?

When do you feel the happiest or most fulfilled?

I tend to feel the most fulfilled when I'm learning, productively working, and spending time with my family, particularly my wife.

Joshua Pitzl will no longer be working with us. He recently moved to Virginia and is starting a construction business. We appreciate the many years he was with us serving our great clients.

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