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Now accepting scheduling request for 2024.


"Pete and his team were freaking amazing! They were professional, fast, enjoyable to be around, and so gentle with our alpacas. I would recommend them to anyone. What a great experience we had with them!"

                                                                                                                                              Steven H. -Montana





(Call or text)

Angela Webb

‪(406) 219-1255‬


Scheduling Coordinator

Schedule your farm today >>

Just fill out this scheduling form: 
We collect all of our customers scheduling request and then try to optimize our routes based on your location and availability. We start collecting forms January 1st and try to have the routes built by March 15th. We our goal is to  send out dates on March 15th for April and May. We then work hard to send out June dates by March 22nd.

We can accommodate requests after March 15th as we have multiple crews working around the country, but please contact us as soon as possible so we can work you into the routes. 

Because of the increased demand for our services, we are adding hundreds of new farms a year. 
If you need a Saturday in May for yo
ur shearing (like everyone else in the United States) you might try to find a local shearer who can take care of your request. We know a lot of the best shearer's in the United States and can recommend someone to you if we can not take care of you. 

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