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Additional Information:






We begin scheduling in January every year. We will send out an email reminder to everyone on our contact list to fill out a scheduling form so that we have everyone's updated information (head counts, new addresses, phone numbers) We can't put the calendar together until we have received everyone's updated scheduling form. Please fill out a scheduling form by February 1st so we can begin scheduling. 


Please understand we cannot give everyone a weekend. We have over 800 farms to schedule during April, May, and June in 25 different states. We will try to be as accommodating to your schedule as is reasonable but we also have to map out our routes as efficiently as possible. Every year each crew will drive 20,000 miles in just over 2 months and we work almost every day on top of that! We ask that you be gracious and flexible with the dates that we can give you.




Release and waiver of liability:


We enjoy working with all of you and the many friendships that have developed over the years through this business. We have never had an occasion in the past to necessitate calling upon such a document and trust that we would never have to call upon it in the future. However, we feel this waiver is necessary for our protection and yours.


The waiver in a nutshell: Animals are animals and thus unpredictable. I am responsible for any injuries or losses to Top Knot Shearing and you are responsible for any injuries or losses on your farm. 


Click here to read waiver.



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