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Don't take our word for is what our customers are saying...





Monty Searle

"Your crew were pros, through and through. Thanks."


Aaron Konrardy, Iowa

Pete and his crew were amazing! They did a beautiful job in all of our alpacas and were so careful with them. We always look forward to them shearing for us each year and would highly recommend them to anyone needing alpacas shorn.  Thank you Pete and crew!



Renee Suley, Wisconsin

"You have a very professional crew.  They were polite, gentle with the alpacas and very thorough.  I believe you have a keeper in Josh, he did a very nice job."


Sandy Steinbeck, Illinois

"You guys are gentle and fast. Lessens stress on animals!"


Cristy and Lewis Gridley, Colorado

"You guys are awesome! Very caring and skilled."


Sally Stokes

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!


Susan Hellert

Wonderful.  Gentle, professional,  personable.  I was quite pleased.

Carolyn Peterson



Pamela Ackerman

What a great experience!
Professional,knowledgeable and super fun ...and really nice guys !


Theresa Wardell

Were very professional and did a great job!


Kimberly Monroe

Very proficient work and awesome customer service 


Cassie Potts, Colorado

Very friendly and helpful. 


Susan Hutchens-Colorado

This is the second year we've used Top Know Shearing, and the second year the same team of three young men has come to our ranch. They are excellent! Quick, gentle with the  animals, and so polite! Looking forward to seeing them again next year!


Theresa Selgestad

This crew works very efficiently. They were all very friendly and we would highly recommend them. We would like to have them back next year. Thank you!



Bobbie Woodcock, Washington

They were very professional and hard working. Respected our animals, which meant a lot to us.


Gayle Cringan, Colorado

They were very polite,efficient  and handled the llamas very well. You can tell by their work. The llamas say thank you!


Lori Cousins-Iowa

They were very effient, friendly and hardworkers! Loved them!!!!


Carrie Hudson

They were outstanding in taking care of my alpacas and explained each step as they did it. Will be having them out again. 


Simone Rees, Colorado

They were great, as always! Very quick, professional, easy going and took great care of our two llamas. Were willing and able to offer answers to a couple of quick questions I had about our llama's health - teeth, toes and a re-occurring cyst that came back on one. You all are great!


Sandy Rees, Colorado

They were great to work with and treated the animals well. They made our first shearing experience very pleasant. 


Alan Dewey, Colorado

They were fast, friendly and adaptable. I liked that they provided bags for the wool and gave advice about future shearing.


Devin Irsik

They were awesome, fast, and showed an abundance of knowledge about alpaca.


Laurie Trechsel

They handled my animals with respect. They did a great job shearing and shaping the head and legs. They tolerated my need for doing an extra DNA card.


Maureen Wachniak, Wisconsin

Pete and his crew provide very efficient, professional and friendly service. The animals all look GREAT! Thank you!!


Rob and Donna Matt, Illinois

Pete and his crew do a great job! They are punctual, professional,  and compassionate with the animals.  Thank you!


Larry Knapp

Pete and his crew did a great job! We were very happy with the way they treated our animals and they paid a lot of attention to detail. We were very impressed and will definitely have them back again next year.



Chris Corino, Montana

Pete and his crew are a great bunch, I will see you next year!


Heidi Gard, Colorado

Always going above and beyond with the service! Kind and caring! 


Jen Anderson

Always awesome! Thank you



Larry Schultz, Wisconsin

Always friendly and polite.


Kevin Stoer, Wisconsin

Quick, efficient and all the guys are personable!


Mary Joyce Miller, Missouri

 "Your work is very good and we are happy to work with you. Hope you become very successful. But don't forget is when you do! See you next year. "

Shelly LaRocco, Wisconsin

The gentlemen are as always exceptional! We are always so impressed with their teamwork, communication, professionalism and kindness! Thank You so much for yet another wonderful experience. They take the stress out of shearing day for us!! Keep up the amazing work and we will look forward to seeing you all next year! 


Jan Ward, Missouri

The team was cooperative,  professional, knowledgeable,  worked well with the animals,  and was efficient. 


Joy Conwell, Colorado

The team followed  my requests to the letter, handled the animals gently when needed, and was thorough and efficient. Also did a nice job with noodling and handling show fleeces.  Thanks guys!  


Bernie Rothrock, Missouri

The team did a really good job!


Donna Morton, Montana

The set up, the shearing, everything was great. Short time to do a lot. 


Cheryl Hermann

The llamas were handled so well, thank you.  We look forward to seeing you next year! 


Amanda Scott, Colorado

The guys were very friendly and informative!  You all rock! Thanks



Jen Williams, Colorado

The guys were super professional and our alpacas LOVED their hammock. We will definitely use them next year. They did a much better job than our previous shearers, and our boys look great! Thanks Top Knot!!


Bonnie Jewell, Colorado

The guys were great in every way.  All around good experience for us & our animals. 


Susan Martin, Colorado

The guys were great got the job done quickly and efficiently thanks


Amy Tisdale, Colorado

The guys were great all around!


Leslie McGill, Colorado

The guys were extremely polite and curtious. They were not rough with my animals. They were very efficient, and removed fighting teeth on my males. Answered all my questions and didn't make me feel stupid or like I was a bad owner. I hope I can get them back next year.


Laura Johnson

They efficiently and gently handled our alpacas.


Deb Robinson, Colorado

The guys were all great! They are friendly and seem to really enjoy working with our alpacas and with us as well.  Always an enjoyable experience-at least for the humans!


Lauren Kinnare

The guys are great - friendly, professional and helpful!!


Sarah Kee,

The entire crew was polite, friendly and efficient. Thank you for the great job. 


Cathy Bickell, Colorado

The crew was fast and careful.  The llamas look great.

Darin and Linsey Lucas, Wisconsin

The crew makes shearing so easy. I don't have to worry about stress free. Also they are kind to each other.  Maybe when they jump in the truck and drive off they yell at each other lol...but seriously.  The crew members have great personalities. 


Cindy Gordon, Colorado

The crew is gentle, professional, friendly and fast! They always do a great job!


Donna Mueller, Illinois

The crew handled my animals very gently  and they looked great when they were done.


Jenny Knight, Colorado

Thanks for doing such a great job as always with the animals! And for doing the sheep and the pig even though it's not your usual gig. Love you guys!


Kaitie Lagan,

Thank you so much! They were so great and made the experience completely stress free! See you next year!


Mountain Flower Goat Dairy, Colorado

Professional, efficient, team. 


Kim Herner, Colorado

Professional, caring crew! They take care of everything and then some. 


Mark and Teri King

Professional efficient and friendly. Process very easy 


Lisa Haselhorst, Colorado

Professional , courteous and hard working. 


Beth Sharbonda, Colorado

Pete, you and the guys did a great job again this year!  Everyone works so well together and make it extremely easy on my family & alpacas.  The guys are fun, professional, fast and I truly look forward to having you all back year after year!!  Thanks-see you next year!



Carla Jacobs,

Pete and the crew are wonderful. They take such care with my animals, do a quality job and are very pleasant. I couldn't ask for better!


Lisa Sonnenfeld

A job well done .. friendly and professional .. will definitely book for next year. Thank you


Donna Hall 

Crewmembers were friendly, polite and helpful as they are every year. They do a great job handling the alpacas. 

Jesse Felzien

One of the most efficient and speedy teams we've ever had out to shear! Great job as always, see you guys next year.


Frances Fister, Missouri

On time and gentle with the alpacas


Toni Symonds

On a short 2 week notice your crew was able to work us into the schedule and they finished up quickly and efficiently. Thank you so very much.


Gilburt Ahrenholtznice, Iowa

Fast, accommodating, had 15 people watching , everyone enjoyed the show.

Jean Marcussen, Colorado

My husband and I are getting up there in age, we usually co-op with other farms.
I just am not able to do 70 alpacas anymore. This was our first shearing at our farm.
Pete and his crew were knowledgeable, gentle with my old skinny's and awesome.They did everything involved: noodling, samples, nails and teeth.  I basically just gave them information on each animal. Such a pleasure to work with. Although I did miss feeding the guys!


Dennis Wissler, Missouri

Joshua and his team were great!  Always friendly and helpful. Glad to see he's got his own crew. Good choice Pete!


Jerry V Pierce

Joshua and his crew were superb! 


Stanley Dunlavy, Colorado

Josh and the other crew members were on time per their messages.  They were able to get set up quickly once they arrived at the Biscotti residence.  They were fast, efficient, and treated the llamas with care.  The cost was as expected.  I appreciate the communication and professionalism from the crew.  I will be scheduling with Top Knot again for 2021.


Dave & Mary Lynn Verley, Michigan

Josh and the guys were awesome. Thank you so much for another great year!!


Elaine Cook, Michigan

It was my first experience for shearing at our farm. Everyone was calm, even the animals. What a great job !


Harvey Harms, Illinois

Greatly appreciate Pete making the trip back to the Midwest to shear our cria.  With Judah's help, it was stress free and a job well done.


Marty and Julie Tompkins, Colorado

Great job!


Marvin O'Kane,

Good guys, know their jobs , very gentle and caring with the animals.


Audrey Tool, Colorado

Friendly, efficient and great attention to detail. My alpacas look beautiful!

Lisa Firnges

Fast and friendly 


Doug Wilner, Illinois

Fantastic work by Josh, Nate and Junta.  Thanks for another great shearing day!


Robert Schwoerer, Wisconsin

Extremely quick and easy and they were gentle with the animals and took their time


Randall Andrews, Colorado

Excellent shearing as usual. 


Jaime Macelroy, Colorado

Excellent service every time! 


Drew Reinhardt

Excellent crew


Nalungo Harkness, Colorado



Jeanne Griffin, Illinois

Our crew was on time, efficient, caring, professional and fun. They even took on a last minute farm with 8 alpacas. The owner had surgery yesterday and needed a crew that could step in and do everything. Thanks fellas. We look forward to having you back next year. Stay healthy!


Cathy Ramsey, Colorado

Everyone on the team was very respectful and kind. They helped us catch a couple of difficult alpacas. Very professional and friendly. We feel really safe with Pete and his crew.


Steve Whalen, Wisconsin

Everyone at Top Knot Shearing treated our animals with respect while doing an EXCELLENT job with the shearing! 


Rick Holloway, Colorado

Every thing runs smooth/ excellent system/fighting between workers every one has their job ad does it well. It makes our shearing weekend more enjoyable

Christiey Lacroix

Efficient good communication on time


Eric Foster

Awesome guys and they did great work.


Nancy Dotson, Wisconsin

As usual the Josh team was friendly, efficient, and very conscious of the social distance recommendations.  The team was wearing their Topknot Shearing tee shirts, that had a great design of an alpaca on the front.  Any chance they would be available for purchase? I would love to share with everyone my support for Topknot Shearing!


Christy Youtzy,

Appreciate the service and the willingness to accommodate my less than ideal accommodations! Glad to be a client. Thank you!


Marcus Skildum, Tennessee

Always prompt, courteous, gentle with the animals 


Sarah Smith

Always impressed with the efficiency and care that your team exudes! Really friendly guys too! It was great to see a couple of familiar faces! 



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