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Payment is due at time of service. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. Please no checks or cash

Alpaca Shearing

Whether your alpacas are backyard pets or high-dollar assets, they will be sheared with the utmost care and expertise. Our aim is to provide you with the best quality fleeces and alpacas that look show-ring ready. 



Llama Shearing

Llamas are sheared with the same care as alpacas. Choose the classic full-body shear or let us help you evaluate if a barrel-cut or ¾ shear will keep your older or thinner-fleeced llama stay comfortable during winter.



Teeth Trimming

We offer trimming for both the front teeth and fighting teeth of alpacas and llamas.  Our crew can check to make sure that both sets of teeth are the proper length and maintain them as needed. For more information about this service, click here


Nail trimming

Our wranglers are trained and experienced in toenail trimming. Shearing is an excellent time to get a good look at each foot and maintain toenails as needed. Let our crew take care of this at the time of shearing so you won’t have to later on.

Belly Shear

Only the belly fiber is clipped off. Some people prefer to do this for show animals that they want to show in full fleece.

Custom Cuts and Special Requests

Do you have a special request? Let our crew know if you want any of your animals to have bubble heads, shaped cheeks, mohawks etc.


Do you have an aging or lame alpaca or llama? Special care will be given to ensure the shearing process is pain-free and comfortable.


Sheep: this service is no longer available

If we are shearing your llamas or alpacas and you also have a few sheep, please contact us to inquire about a possible exception.

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