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Additional Information:


Teeth Trimming:


Front teeth:

The Tooth-A-Matic is used for most of the teeth we trim because it is safe, effective and low-stress for your animals. Because it is so quick, teeth do not heat up like they would with a Dremel tool.


In instances where the teeth are especially overgrown, OB wire is kept on hand.


Note: Some camelids simply have a bad overbite so it appears that their front teeth are overgrown. We will check each mouth and determine if they truly need to be trimmed. A camelid's front teeth should come just to the bottom/middle of their palate (gum line). Once their teeth are overgrown past their upper gum line it is harder for them to graze and feed.


Male fighting teeth (canine teeth):


The Fight-0-Matic is used to trim most fighting teeth.  This also does not heat the tooth up like a dremel tool does. This tool is amazingly effective and safe for the animal and operator. 


We also use OB wire in certain applications where the Fight-O-Matic will not work.


*Females do not fight so their fighting teeth do not need to be removed. We will flatten females fighting teeth upon request.



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